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Mr. Blue Sky

June 12, 2005

Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much. Life is good.

Looking outside the room at the garden and the blue sky. Feeling v. pleased with myself because I started on getting the windows done – they’ve needed some wood stain having not been done for 5 years. One set of windows down… loads to go.

So. Pink Floyd are reforming for Live8 eh ? Pity I wont’ get to see it. I’m going to be on holiday with family en France. Was at Live Aid in 1985. Would really like to go to the London show on July 2nd but seeing as only UK residents could enter the lottery for tickets that’s just not going to happen.

Reflecting on this blog thing I can see how having a phone that can email photos live to the blog is really interesting – especially if I’m on holiday.

I wish I had started a blog or a diary when I was doing all that travelling for work. Now I’m trying my utmost to get out of doing any travel. It makes me ill – mentally and physically – even if we were allowed to fly business class the way we used to I don’t think it would make any difference.

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