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Road To Rouen

August 1, 2005
Naughty boy that I am I downloaded the new Supergrass album "Road To Rouen". It’s not as dense and kitchen-sink as the last couple of albums. Shades of, dare I say it, Wings circa Wild Life – Red Rose Speedway.
Supergrass have provided soundtrack to a good many times over the past 10 years. "Alright" was their big pop-hit in summer 1995 when we moved into our first house. A scorcher of a summer I remember putting down cork floor tiles in the kitchen while listening to that , Blurs ‘Country House’ and Oasis ‘Wonderwall’ on the radio. "In It For The Money" I purchased in New York while there on a business trip. Heady days – I bought a stack of CDs from the Virgin Megastore on 7th or 8th avenue (I can never remember which) across from the Marriott Hotel in mid-town Manhattan.
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