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Talking about Come On Feel The Noise

August 2, 2005
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And here are the results of Saturday’s recording session.

Ben’s first release "Come On Feel The Noise EP" !

At present this is an exclusive for the blog.  Ben wants me to set it up so that people can buy his album (see more on the album below) on the internet. Honest – he asked.


Track One is titled "The Pussycat Song". It’s about a pussycat (we think). The lyrics are below. You decide what it’s about and blog it. Me? I’m not sure.


Track Two is titled "Big Sister Blues". It’s not a 12-bar blues, it’s more a 15-bar ode to the challenge of being a boy with big sisters in the 21st century.

  2009 Update: those links won’t work any more. Everything was on Ben’s myspace site which myspace decided to delete without notifying me. Bastards.  If you really want to hear this stuff just ask.

For those who care : Ben plays a half-size Les Paul copy through a small Marshall 30 watt amp. His vocals were recorded using a Neumann TLM103 through a TLAudio 5051 mic pre-amp. All recorded live to Digidesign ProTools at our home studio. The percussion/drumloops were provided by Propellerheads Reason. Ben chose all the sounds and loops. I just pressed the buttons.


Ben wants to record more tracks for a full album which he hopes to release (that is : give to everyone) for Christmas. Apart from the request to sell it online (!) he has asked Matthew (guitar player in Brush Shiels‘ band) if he could sell it at some gigs. Matthew could have some of the money but of course Ben had to get most of the money.

I think Ben has a future in management…



oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
funky dude funky dude
pussy cat pussy cat where are you ? i’m in france
where is he ?
he should be hungry by now
i’m delcious . . . for lasagna
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
wonder why
wonder why
rock and roll



Yo Yo Yo !
Cool dude Cool dude
my sisters most of the time are good to me
my sisters most of the time are good to me
oh I hate them oh yeah I do
most of the time
I hate you
oh yeah
you are an idiot
my sisters most of the time are good to me
my song called big sister
sisters are dumb




Come On Feel The Noise

Ben spent some time in the studio with me on Saturday. He wrote and recorded (at the same time !) a new song called "Big Sisters". Accompanied by a straight 4/4 provided by Propellerheads Reason.
<<<SNIP – go read the original blog !>>>
Ben plans to give copies of his album to people this Christmas. You have been warned…
Some photos of the other recording sessions we’ve done with Ben.

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