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Leave A Light On For Me

August 16, 2005
Obstensively this is just an excuse to post some photos of that recording session.
Of course it is.
Seeing as I’m here I figure I might as well ruminate (2nd big word) on what I’ve been doing these past couple of weeks.
I’ve applied to do a M.Sc. which is all well and good but I can only do this if my employer pays for it. All has been going well until now.. well until 5 minutes ago when I hear that perhaps only 40-something per cent of the fees (over €10k a year for 2 years) will be paid. So unless there’s a change of mind by someone in the food chain above me I won’t be pursuing that particular plan.
I’m not too pissed off (yet) because there’s other stuff afoot that might compensate in some ways – more about this in a couple of weeks [ I have a confidence to keep ].
The window frames at home are now looking pretty damn good. Having gotten my arse into gear I got around to cleaning and varnishing the window frames. 5 years on and they were beginning to look pretty tatty. I even did the sills (well, there’s 2 sills upstairs to be done but I don’t have the right paint for them do I ?). A strange sense of satisfaction from it all : the dignity of labour. I’m itching to get into a bit more DIY now – having done a little minor plumbing a couple of weeks ago I’ve not decided I can do anything. Well. Painting and replacing taps.
We’re inching toward the end of the kids summer holidays and I’m going to try and take a couple more days off to hang out at home. I took off last Thursday & Friday and it was frankly wonderful. I think our fiscally-enforced decision to stay at home next year (and not go away either in Ireland or abroad) will actually work out quite well !
So, the Premiership has started again and Liverpool drew 0-0 with Middlesborough. Oh dear. Hope it gets better than this . Lots of opportunities to score and nothing converted. Sigh.
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