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Talking about HELLO

November 15, 2005

I’m only blogging this for two reasons. The first is that Paul said I was magnificent. You hear that ? Good. Remember it. Especially my German friend. You know who you are !!

Secondly. I’m hoping this will encourage Paul to add something to his freakin’ blog. C’mon Paul ! The world is waiting !!



Hi folks, it’s early days yet.  Haven’t had time to even scratch me knackers, let alone lay a log in this blog.  But Peter Fitz (the magnificent) got ahead of me and created a link from his blog to here.  For now, I recommend you concentrate on Peter’s stuff (I love it).  Sooner or later, I will present some stuff for you that will rot your sox.
Stay tuned, and thanks, whoever you may be, if you’ve “surfed” into my patch.
“Stephanie, oh Stephanie, you shall be the death o’ me”     (that’s a taster for the kinda crap you’ll witness here).
Current play: Devo – “Pioneers Who Got Scalped” and Aimee Mann – “I’m With Stupid” and “The La’s” and Elbow – “Asleep In The Back”
It goes without saying that Peter Fitzpatrick is one of nature’s true gentlemen.  He’s been inside Abbey Road Studios, you know.
“Experience is what enables you to recognise a mistake when you make it again”.
Love, hugs & kisses
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