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The Dream Is Over

December 8, 2005
I was out sick from school with a flu or something.
My mum had just come home from walking my kid brothers & sister to school and I was sitting in the house looking for something (anything !) on the telly.
This was 1980… sod all to watch at 9:00am that wasn’t educational.

I was a big fan when I was a kid. I’d just turned 14 that summer and while my mates were all getting into 2-Tone and New Romantic I was stubbornly sticking to my guns.
Got a few beatings after school for that 🙂

She said “did you hear about John Lennon on the radio ?”.
My first thought was that he had done something outrageous. I knew he was active again because I’d heard about the Double Fantasy album.
The image of ‘Sometime in New York City’ came into my mind – I thought that the fake images of Richard Nixon dancing naked were oh-so-political and daring.
He’s been murdered.
I grew up a bit that day. Your heroes die. Shite. Nobody told me.
Mum was tolerant of my endless playing of their songs on my cheap guitar and wasn’t surprised when I wore out my Abbey Road cassette from trying to learn the solo on George’s “Something”.
I played Paul’s “Blackbird” at her funeral couple of years ago. I like to think she’s somewhere now giving Lennon a hard time because I preferred playing his songs over doing my homework.
The endless battle between that guitar, those cassettes and my schoolbag.


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