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We Can Work It Out

January 16, 2006
I ventured back into the gym today. In an attempt not to look too sad I waited until the first couple weeks of new years resolutions had passed.
As I type my shoulders ache. I ran for 30 minutes and covered almost 4km. I don’t know if that’s good. That’s the thing with gyms for non-sport-athlete types like me. What I want to measure if the weight I’m supposed to be losing. My 34″ waist needs to come down to about 33″ and I’d like to get back to no more than 11 and half stone.
My 12 stone mass and broader-than-it-needs-to-be girth needs to be dealt with before it becomes a massive challenge. I think it’s still possible.
What I’d like to see in the gym is a machine that tells me after each session how far I’ve progressed and what is my likely due date…
Is that too much to ask for ?
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