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Smell The Glove

February 20, 2006
One day in 1991 I arrived home from New York to visit family. 

In the arrivals area my mum, dad and my niece (Amy aged nearly 3 at the time) waited and waited.

Mum was red from laughing when I arrived. Later I found out why.

Among the arrivals was a [gasp] man of colour.

Yes ! A black man !
“an fear gorm” *  indeed.
Now, even in 1991 it was unusual enough. 

Being the curious and sparky little girl that she was, Amy pointed “look at that man over there nana !”.

cue silence thinly disguised as “please don’t please don’t”


oh god here it comes

“nana that man has a BIG NOSE”

and he did you know !

* (you’ll have to leave a comment if you wanna know what that means)
Inspired by this.
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