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Won’t You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street ?

July 10, 2006
My mobile phone is in for repair and the shop has given me a loaner phone.
The last person to use it forgot to remove their text messages. Much to my disappointment they’re neither risque or amusing. Though the mind boggles…..

Hi to all. just had hour long message. Its like Heaven here, I could get used to this life! No animals here for O give him big hug xx lol to I O you K xxx

whatever about the massage… what’s this about animals ?
Wil pop in in 20mins,u neednt wash it,i wont knock,thanks.
Oo-er missus ! You dirty dirty girl !
C.See ya at 4,sorry i was puting K. To sleep
Back to animals I think…
What sorta food is in dat new takeaway+do u hav a menu?
If they don’t have a menu… how will they know what sort of food is in the new takeaway ?
Hey clo,we hav our lift sortd out for sat am, erics taxi friend owes him a favour so just wantd to let u know so ur off the hook! See u ovr wknd.
Who is Eric ?  And what sort of favour did he do ?
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