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The Wheels On the Bus Go Round And Round

July 15, 2006
I took the bus into town on thursday evening (work night out so was leaving the vehicle at home) (town=Dublin City)
it wasn’t the driver
it wasn’t the road
it wasn’t the fumes
it was the chap with the near-full can of Dutch Gold in his jacket pocket who decided to sit beside me.
“starrrrrrrrry bud?”
At this point do i pretend not to speak english or would that be inadvisable?
Before I could reply he takes out his mobile phone and proceeds to stare at the screen while trying to to send an SMS  text.
Moving the phone nearer to his eyes in an attempt to stop the letters moving around i guess.
A few minutes later he gives up
“mark? maaaaaaarh..k ? statue? lookitsmartin … yeah. … yeah.. be there in fi minits roigh? fucksake.. said be there in fi minits……fuckin mobiles……”
I had a delightful meal courtesy of our Fiscal Year Morale Budget and then proceeded to get rat-arsed on Black Bush in some bar.
My mate Paul who drives a taxi was very kind and took me home.
I didn’t go to the office next day.
Neither did most of the people in the office. We all logged on and worked in a virtual hungover world via email.
I wonder how Martin and Mark got on ?
Bleedin’ starry bud ?
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