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Ob La Di Ob La Da

August 7, 2006
It’s been a 48 hour party. Friday (my birthday) was divine – even though I went into the office. Before leaving for work I was presented with my very own Banjo. This means I can now join the Billy Connolly school of annoying-old-man. The kids gave me a few CDs including the Hits Of Abba – Played on the Pan Pipes.
What more could a man ask for ?
Friday evening we (Val & the kids & I) had dinner with in a local Italian restaurant. A proper Italian restaurant (you know… with actual Italians) with the owner sitting watching business being done and making sure that the families felt welcome. While in the bathroom the kids asked for a dessert with a birthday candle (of course). In exchange for the embarassment I received a flaming Sambuca served up by a very pretty Italian lady. Fair swap.

Saturday was spent buying ice, beer, wine and a few nibbles. Saturday afternoon, evening and night were spent in the company of some great people and having a blast. I do believe we managed to massacre the Beatles back-catalogue (and many others…. The Boxer took a particular drunken hammering). Switching between guitar and piano I jammed with my friends on various guitars, banjos etc that littered the living room.

It’s now Sunday and I remain a content, happy individual.

Being the host with the most I only managed a couple of photos. Some are here…

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