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Heart of the country, smell the grass in the meadow

August 10, 2006
We visited the Airfield Estate today.  This wonderful farm/house/garden is worth a visit if you happen to find yourself in Dublin.
Within minutes you forget that you’re in the suburbs and if you’re lucky, as we were, you’ll encounter a young fox or a cheeky goose.
For me the most rewarding part of the visit was getting to touch the Giant Redwood. Soft and warm is the only way I know to describe this tree.
In the midst of the fruit garden there was a small pond where I found the lily in this photo. It reminded me of the photo George Harrison used for one of his last singles.
While eating lunch we were joined by a robin who wasn’t backward about coming forward to sample some food. The sheep were joined by a young fox who seemed more interested in chasing the butterflies. “Cuddle that and you’ll never play the piano again”
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