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November 12, 2006
I’ve spent the past week in Seattle. Here for work again.
Usually I don’t’ get out while I’m here on bizziness. Jet lag flying west kills me and I find it difficult to stay awake past 6 or 7 o’clock.
So Monday I arrived and made it to my hotel by 7:30pm. The ‘Cucina Cucina’ restaurant that has been my first port of call for the past 12 years has gone ! It was situated just beside the Hyatt in Bellevue (and another just across from the Marriott in Redmond). The flatbread and cambozola cheese was a reward for several hours tied up in a tin can attached to jet engines.
Replaced with “Joeys” I can say that the food is just the same (corporate).
Tuesday & Wednesday was a blur of meetings, rain, jet lag, shopping to stay awake and being surprised that I didn’t feel too bad so long as I wasn’t tired.
Thursday I got to hang out with my dear (I had to say that) friend Anita and her partner-in-crime Moshe.  How nice to spend time in the company of two fun people. Hi-Fidelity my ass. Moshe loves his music. For all the right reasons. Leaving the Pig & Whistle in a taxi back to my hotel I knew that Friday would be a lot easier for having spent time with these two <cough> fine upstanding citizens.
I took a photo or two but I don’t think Anita wants me to share it with the world. And who am I to argue with her ? A coward.
Friday night I hooked up with my friends Cassi, Adam, Gigi White, Alan White, Genele Boyce, Steve Boyce and two new friends Trevor Rabin and Shelley Rabin.
We went to see The Outline at a club in Seattle. Trevor and Shelley’s son Ryan is the drummer in the band. I really thought they were exciting in a Bloc Party, Razorlight, British-indie-pop-rock-BBC 6Music kind of way.  We hung out after the show and went to an unusual club that basically had a bar and a bunch of pool tables so people could hang out and pass the time. What a blast.
It was great to meet Cassi & Adam again after their brief stay at our place a few weeks ago. Isn’t it a small world ?
Alan & Gigi kindly dropped me back to the hotel and I slept like a baby.
Saturday was spent doing a little shopping – including getting something nice from “Something Silver” for Val’s Christmas gift. Nothing like planning ahead. I found a few fun things for the kids and I’m sure they’ll like them. Me ? I just want to go home now
Steve & Genele met me with their darling girls Haddyn and Hadley. A fine lunch in Bellevue set me up for the next few hours hanging out in the airport (where I’m typing this blog over a beer or three).  I have a little bit of video which I’ll share with the blog when I get back to Dublin.
Right now I still have an hour and a half to kill because my flight is delayed….
then it’s onward to Copenhagen and home to Dublin by 6:00 tomorrow evening.
Here come the photos…
Steve Boyce, Trevor Rabin, Alan White, imadethebbc
imadethebbc, Cassi, Adam,
imadethebbc, Steve Boyce,
Adam, imadethebbc
Genele & Steve Boyce
Shelley Rabin, Genele Boyce
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