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I like driving in my car . . . it’s not quite a jag-u-ar

December 16, 2006
Oh yeah. Back in the car.
I was reminded of this because it has taken less than an hour each-way to get to and from work this week.  Sod that. I’m staying in the car.
Of course what did I win in the office-charity-raffle this week ?
An m-fucking-p-three player.
If I was using public transport I’d find that very handy wouldn’t I ?
Oh. Got a call from Maffo today. Brush (Shiels) and himself are playing a show in Stillorgan next Saturday night. It should be a gas. Myself and herself will be going. Apparently Noel Bridgeman (the Skid Row drummer… not that Skid Row… the real Skid Row) is going along and might play. Now that’ll be a bit of craic.

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