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Another Year Over A New One Just Begun

December 27, 2007



Now that I’ve started using Windows Live Writer I’m more inclined to add photos to the blog.

Here is a summary of 2007 in photos. (Hey it could be worse, I could have done it ‘through the medium of mime’).

If you click on any of the photos you’ll get a larger higher-resolution version.

Happy New Year to you. See you in 2008.

a guitar orchestra DSCF2910 DSCF2933
… did I mention how much fun Bore Place was ? I did ? By May I was spending whole evenings writing.


Finally a gig on my own with my own songs. 6 months later my only thought is that my songs are better now and I want to get out there and perform these new songs.


DSCF2985 DSCF2766 DSCF3057  
In 2007 I felt older so much older than today. I attended my first 50th birthday party. My brother-in-law turned 50 and fortunately he’s still a big kid. Heather’s birthday – candles, friends and fun.


Baby Craig arrived and my sister is a grandmother !  
DSCF3424 DSCF2776 DSCF2778  
Our baby grew up and started secondary school in September. She might be growing up fast but Alison still loves ice cream just like every other little girl.    
DSCF3602 DSCF2943 DSCF2747  
  Valerie’s father is now in a nursing home and while he finds most things difficult to remember he’s still the patient gentle man he has always been. Ben started playing guitar this year. With any luck he’s starting out on a lifelong relationship with music.  
DSCF2822 DSCF3703



Ben saw a TV show about Eric Morecambe and sought out these glasses the following day ! Christmas dinner wouldn’t be the same if Heather didn’t decorate my head with the contents of the Christmas Crackers You know this was the first Halloween Pumpkin I ever made ? Pumpkins are a fairly recent arrival to Irish shores.  
DSCF3135 DSCF3225 DSCF3221  
We had the holiday of our lives this year. Even Ben got over his nervousness around water… Dive !  
DSCF3333 DSCF3298 DSCF3351  
Walking with our French friends      
DSCF3437 DSCF3438 DSCF3588  
Harry D. Catt arrived on our doorstep in mid-September and adopted us.      
simple kid roundhousmacca  DSCF3497  
Simple Kid played Whelans but my hearing was screwed and I had to leave after 3 songs. I saw Paul McCartney at the Roundhouse in London for 25 quid ! That’s me on the right only feet from the stage. Thomas Dolby came to Dublin ! I never thought I’d see this guy perform live. What a gig.  
DSCF3543 DSCF3541 DSCF3538  
Alison… Ben… Heather…  
DSCF3465 DSCF3470 DSCF3466  
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