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The ‘I Made The BBC’ 2008 World Tour

February 26, 2008

I started a new ‘job’ in January (still with the same company but doing a different gig now).

The job will require a bit of travel which is now something I won’t mind. When I first started working for this company, 14 years ago, it was a lot harder to travel and leave the babies at home. I think I must have visited Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, France, UK, Mexico, several states in the USA.

I’m going to use the opportunity this time to play gigs in every city I visit. I haven’t quite worked out the logistics of it but it’s got to be a bit of a laugh.

Next week I’m in Milan for some meetings and the people I’m meeting have an interest in playing music and have promised to find me somewhere to play and to loan me a guitar. If I do it I’ll video it (as I will any other shows I can do).

In April I should be ready for the Japan leg of the tour and there’s an outside chance I’ll take in the Czech Republic before then. In July I plan to gatecrash the village fete while we’re on holiday. Hopefully they’ve forgotten about my performance there last year …

In time for Christmas I’ll release my World Tour 2008 DVD.


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