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Because I need to!

June 3, 2008

Felt a bit rough today. Probably due to going out on the rip in Liverpool Saturday night followed by the big McCartney concert there on Sunday. So didn’t do the work thing today…still managed some email though. Hurrah for the brave soldier eh?

Writing this blog while on the bus home. Just played am open mic on Dublin. A new song “Holding On” and an old song “Devil & The Deep Blue Sea”. Seemed to go down well. Wished I could have done 3 songs as there’s a slightly heavier one “Interference” I want to try.

This writing & performing lark is good for my soul. I’ve been decidedly less grumpy this past year. My next desire is to record that album and then get to play proper gigs opening for bands.

It’s nice to have a dream.

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