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None More Black

July 7, 2008

I played a singer-songwriter show tonight. Each artist gets to perform 3 songs in front of a crowd mostly made up of other singer-songwriters, their friends and a couple of tourists.  Tonight I was really confident getting up there and relaxed into the performance. I even sang ‘I hate it when I forget the words’ in the middle of one of the songs which got a laugh from the crowd. On the second song I tried something I’ve always wanted to do: ‘… join in !’. That can either be a complete disaster as 1 person timidly hums along or, as was the case tonight, everyone joined in. Well fuck me ! That was a nice experience.

I’ve been getting some really nice feedback about my songs at these open mic/singer-songwriter sessions. With my confidence increasing I think I’m almost ready to do a full 20-30 minute gig mixing my own songs and a couple of carefully chosen covers.

I left the venue smiling.

Why then do I feel a bit anxious and generally unhappy ? Is it the rush of adrenaline giving way to an emptiness ? What must it be like to perform in front of thousands of people and then try to come down from that rush ?

If you’re reading this and you’re curious about my songs then go to my myspace site where you can watch and listen.

I think I need that holiday 🙂 Off to France at the end of next week.

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