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Got Live If you want it

August 14, 2008

Just got back from playing my first proper ‘set’ at a gig here in Dublin.  Up to now I’ve been playing 2-3 songs at open mics. Getting good feedback on the songs but have been hankering to stretch myself a little and play a longer set.

I did a 30 minute set at a bar in south Dublin along with 3 other singer-songwriters. I opened, which was a bit nervy, with 6 people in the audience. 3 of them were musicians. From small acorns.

Mid-way through one of my songs the electricity cut-out but the show went on and I continued sans-PA.

The crowd built a little and there were 12-plus people there by the time I finished – I suspect they came from the downstairs bar when the football finished.

I’ve walked away with a bit of confidence and was asked to come back in 2 weeks (I’m in Germany next week so had to decline next week).

Wow. I think I’m now a proper singer-songwriter.

In September I’m going to be in Seattle for work and am trying to line up 2 maybe 3 open mics while I’m there.

it’s all good.  [but I need to start opening my eyes a bit while singing… I’ll bet it drives people nuts]

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