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I’m Alright Jack

February 5, 2009
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Last week I intervened to stop some children who had gone into a building site  from placing themselves in danger.

For my trouble I’ve had a whole boatload of hassle. My worst nightmare.

So I’ve decided to make a change in my attitude to ‘doing the right thing’. I’m not going to do it anymore because it’s not worth it.
Next time I see some kids putting themselves in danger I will walk on by.  Sorry neighbour but if I see them hanging around your house good luck because I’m not getting involved. Fly tipping ? Go for it mate because it’s not my job to report you. Driving like a maniac ? Be my guest, just keep out of my way.  Kids throwing crap at cars on the street ? Let someone else deal with it. Not my problem.

This is completely selfish, mean spirited and anti-social.

I know this.

It’s me or it’s them.

It ain’t gonna be me.


and in other news…. life sucks sometimes 🙂

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