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Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

March 1, 2009


DSCF4921 Our son Ben is 10 years old today.  He’s a sweet, polite & good natured kid and we’re very proud of him.

When Ben was born he was a very sick baby. He spent the first week of his life in an intensive care unit, the first couple of days on a ventilator. Nothing has come easy to him. Ben had to work hard to achieve everything. In the past year we finally got to the bottom of a learning difficulty that has made school more difficult than it should have been. Ben’s non-verbal learning difficulty is being managed really well and we’re seeing him coming on in leaps and bounds. I received some texts for Ben today and he was able to read them aloud himself. That was a big step up for a little man.

Parent worry. It’s what we do best. Beats doing anything useful. Something has happened though. 10 years is a lifetime for Ben. It’s been a blink of the eye for us.

I remember as a kid being sick on my birthday. It sucks.  Ben was running a 40 degree temperature yesterday at 6:00am and I had to bring him to the doctor to get some help with the bug he’s fighting. One of his classmates has ended up in hospital because he started having breathing difficulties. Our crosses are all relative.

DSCF4923 Despite being wiped out and not feeling 100% he got stuck into the bowling & Qazar games before we headed to TGIF for a birthday meal with his friends. Personally I cannot stand the place but the kids like it.

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  1. March 1, 2009 10:29 pm

    Glad everything went (and is working) well.Crosses – they’re always there – in boom or recession…Regards,djp


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