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I bought a flat guitar tutor

May 14, 2009

My friend Tony was the first person I knew who liked 10cc. Of course I liked them too but you couldn’t admit that, certainly not in the self-conscious-80s, especially if you didin’t want your head kicked in 🙂 .
I always remember the song he could play that used chords in the lyrics:
I bought a flat
Diminished responsibility
You’re de ninth person to see
To be suspended in a seventh
Major catastrophe
It’s a minor point but gee
Augmented by the sharpness of your
See what I’m going through
Ay to be with you
In a flat by the sea  

In the second show of the wonderful BBC Radio series ‘ The Record Producers ‘ they took a look at the recording career of 10cc. I knew a little about them but didn’t realise just how DIY they were. These guys wrote, played, arranged, produced, engineered. They did the lot.



The programme featured analysis of multitracks , probably the most interesting aspect for me, including the legendary multi for ‘I’m Not In Love’. Are the legends true? Can you really see through that multi because they overdubbed so many times ? Not mentioned in the programme.


But what is mentioned is the technique they used to get those stacked harmony vocals throughout the song. I won’t spoil the surprise.



While looking for the image above (the original master tape for I’m Not In Love) I found this article from Sound On Sound magazine.


Remember, big boys don’t cry.
Link to an MP3 of the programme in the first comment. Enjoy.
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  1. May 15, 2009 11:04 am this is a protected link, it'll take you to a linklist on rapidshareThe mp3 file has been compressed and split into 3 .rar files Use password imadethebbc to open the .rar fileNew to .rar files ? They're easy : On Windows use winrar to combine & extract It's available from http://www.rarlabs.comOn Mac use RarExpander to combine & extract It's available from


  2. May 15, 2009 12:59 pm

    And all on 16 tracks too…Regards,djp


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