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.. don’t forget your shoes and socks and shirt and tie and all…

November 8, 2012

Back in August I received an email from IMRO telling me about the 2012 Christie Hennessy Song Contest.  It was free to enter and I had a song recorded so I figured I had nothing to lose…

I completely forgot about it.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and I receive an email telling me that the song is one of the 10 finalists in the competition.

Now, I’m realistic enough to know that with all those professional songwriters up there I’m doing well just to be in the final.

So yes I’m pleased. It’s a validation.

On Saturday 17th November (the day after I arrive back from the west coast of the USA from a business trip) I’m taking a train down to Tralee and the Brandon Hotel (yes.. the Rose Of Tralee venue).

Joining me on stage to perform “This Hometown” will be Suzanne Bushnell.

Rules of the competition mean I cannot commercially release the song until after November 17th. This is the reason for the November 18th album release date.

What do you mean you haven’t heard of Christie Hennessy?


Christie released his first album “Christie Hennessy” (also known as “The Green Album”) in 1972, “The Rehearsal” 1992 (triple platinum), “A Year In The Life” 1993 (quadruple platinum), “Lord of Your Eyes” 1994 (triple platinum), “The Box” 1996 (triple platinum), “This Is As Far As I Go” 1999 (double platinum), “The Definitive Christie Hennessy” 2003, “Stories For Sale” 2005, “The Platinum Collection” 2007.

Christie was discovered by the late John Peel.

Christie composed the theme tune and incidental music for the BBC TV series “Get Well Soon” written by Ray Galton (“Steptoe & Son”) and composed and wrote a musical/feature film about his native Ireland “Two Stops to Paradise”.

As well as writing Christie produced two of his own albums with Steve Nye, “The Box” and “This Is As Far As I Go”. He solo produced Aled Jones’ album “Whenever God Shines His Light”.

The following artists are among the many who have covered Christie’s songs.

Christy Moore – “Don’t Forget Your Shovel” Frances Black – “All The Lies That You Told Me” Moya Brennan – “Oh Jealous Heart” Nizlopi attained their first No.1 (“JCB Song”) sampling some of Christie’s lyrics from “Don’t Forget Your Shovel” (Xmas single 2005 – UK & Ireland)



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