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One man on a lonely platform

September 28, 2015

rusty2Months of mixing re-recording and writing ended with the abrupt ‘click’ and upload of the album artwork and audio files.

siliconchipsuperstar is now being cut for vinyl and will be released soon as a vinyl + CD package with a limited edition CD of remixes.

So what’s next? Well the test pressings will be here soon and hopefully everything will sound as it was intended. The printers are printing the sleeve. I’m taking deliveries of packaging/mailing products.   Just need to get some people to hear about the album and <gasp> buy it !

new man coverWhile this is happening I’ve been busy trying to get ‘radio’ play for the single “New Man” which is the lead track off the album.  Readers of this blog will know I’ve been frustrated in that regard in recent years.  Not this time.  Various shows including Doncaster Electric Foundation,  Aggro Driver ’81, Skerat’s Synthopia, Dave Charles,  Electronic Transmissions, Bluetown Electronica, Johnny Normal Radio Show and then Rusty Egan played it on  his show. Now that’s a big deal for me: I’ve listened to Rusty’s show and of course know the work he did back in the early 80s with Visage.

But: getting play on every radio show is beyond any expectation I had. At one point I was done writing & recording and had decided not to pursue radio play.  The support from all of these independent shows produced and presented by music lovers who are fans of this genre is simply brilliant. It is very interesting to see the Twitter followers and Facebook page likes increase whenever the single gets airplay. It’s almost predictable.

A video was produced for the ‘New Man’ single but I’m going to hold that over for a separate blog post as it was an interesting bit of low budget DIY video making.

The track was remixed by my friends Le Cliché and iEuropean.  I’m very pleased with this because they took very different approaches.  It’s fascinating to watch people share these across Soundcloud.  There are remixes of each of the singles from the album and , fingers crossed, some additional ones coming in to add to the bonus CD that will be included with the first copies of the album package.

Oh… and there’s a new single coming at the end of October…  a brand new track that only the remixers have heard. There’s a hell of a story behind how it was written.   We met via a blog… he’s got the best legs in Santa Monica but originally hails from Northern Ireland.  It’s the only co-write on the album and I think it’s a really strong single.     Stay tuned….

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