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This town, is coming like a ghost town

October 29, 2015

New Single !

Pleased to share with you that the second single from the forthcoming album siliconchipsuperstar is titled ‘Ghost Machine’ and is now available.

The song was a co-write with my friend Brian McCloskey who hosts the superb blog Like Punk Never Happened – Brian McCloskey’s Smash Hits Archive  which you can read here or join in on the Facebook group.    Brian and I were chatting on Facebook about song writing and he offered to send some lyrics to me to see what would happen.  Generally writing songs to someone else’s lyrics is not my strong point but in this case I found one particular lyric that worked with a piece of music I was developing.  Next thing we knew: we had co-written a song!    Brian is a native of Derry in Northern Ireland and now resides in California.  We’ve never met in person but somehow managed to connect through the internet and write a song together.     Brian’s blog has garnered great reviews and attention from lovers of pop music all across the world. Go check out his blog and see how much you remember from back in the day.

Have we got a video?  YES WE HAVE A VIDEO

With due respect to Metropolis and Queen… I give you:    Ghost Machine by Circuit3

How to get the FREE DOWNLOAD of the new single Ghost Machine

To get the free download of the single plus 2 brilliant re-mixes by Jonteknik and Power State Failure head on over to my store and just enter zero if you want it for free (or enter any amount you like if you prefer to pay)

The two remixes have been prepared by the very talented Jonteknik who is well known and admired across the electronic scene and Dublin’s own Power State Failure who can be found on his Soundcloud page.

The single is available to you now from


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