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Talking about Radio Radio

October 10, 2005

Heather & Ben woke me Sunday morning to remind me that in a moment of madness I had agreed to make a video with them. Waving a storyboard around my face I stumbled out of bed and with the help of copious amounts of coffee got my act together. I don’t know which part was the most fun: Ben’s non-existent lip-syncing or Heather’s delight at the smorgasbord of video effects available to her in iMovie.

Shot on DV and edited on my ‘ickle Mac laptop we had a blast. As you can see…

You can see the results at Ben’s site (follow the link to the videos in both Quicktime and Windows Media formats) or if you’re not bothered following the link to the site here’s a link to the video (Windows Media Video file about 11mb)

[2009 update: Ben moved to myspace you can see and hear him at the links above don’t work any longer ]


Radio Radio

Look, I don’t know how this happened. Well, actually I do.
Ben was played on the BBC today. Some weeks ago I sent a copy of his CD to the Vic McGlynn show on BBC 6Music.
It’s been discussed here and here also (scroll down to Vic’s Monday blog)
Some folk have even visited his site (over 660 hits today alone)
So, now that Ben and the girls have heard him broadcast on the Beeb they’ve done a story board for his video. Apparently I’m going to be making it with them this weekend. Go figure. While Heather concentrates on the whole video production thing… big sister Ali is figuring out the album artwork.
I’ll grab the broadcast of our kid and put a link to an mp3 here in the next day or two.
What does this prove ? It proves that if you have a neck like a jockey’s bollix you can get played on the radio.
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