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twiddly twiddly dee <whistle> twiddly diddly dee

October 16, 2005
A robin has been hanging around our home for most of the year. Probably nesting in someone else’s garden but we like to think of him (her?) as ours. When you hear the birdsong from one of the trees out front it lifts you.
Never being a cat person I can now say I really despise them. Not for any logical reason other than the nest that they attacked earlier this year. Lesson learned. I downloaded some simple instructions on how to build a bird nesting box (from We tried to buy a plank of wood today. Bastards in Atlantic Homecare wouldn’t cut it in half to make it easier to put into the boot of the car. I’ll go to woodies tomorrow – they’re likely to be a little more accommodating. Looking forward to building the nesting box – with any luck we’ll get something there by the spring.
I was up at 5:00am on my nebulizer again… looking forward to my specialist appointment this week… maybe I’ll get to the bottom of this. In an effort to allow Val some peaceful sleep free from my wheezing hacking and coughing I slept on the sofa until 9:00am. Kids thought this was very funny altogether.
Later in the morning as my mind and body stumbled into the day I spied our (!) little robin bathing in the bird bath.
Earlier this year I spotted a wren in there but this was the first time I spotted the Robin and was quick to grab my video camera. Take a peek here. (it’s a Windows Media Video file, if you’re using windows you probably hav the player already, otherwise download the Windows and Mac players from .  Upon reflection I think it would be wise to right-click (or whatever it is you wild-and-crazy-mac-guys do) and download it to your computer before playing.
This week I have great plans to stuff envelopes, make a bird nesting box and get some DVDs over to my good mate Thomas.
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