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Dr. Robert

October 27, 2005
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Ring my friend I said you’d call…
Though his name is Conor and not Robert I feel that I have had a huge weight lifted from my shoulders this week. Thank you Doctor Conor.
Those of you who know me half-well will be all too familiar with my ongoing hypochondriac-type health problems. At last I have a simple and treatable answer. I have asthma.
Mind blowing eh ? No ? … didn’t think so …
For the past 4 years those coughing fits and general unwellness have been asthma attacks. Particularly bothering me at night. There’s nothing worse than waking in the wee small hours unable to stop coughing and wheezing. For the past couple of months there is not a night that I haven’t woken between 4 and 5 in the morning. I say this without a word of exaggeration. I have had 3 nights this week when I have not woken. That’s brilliant !
I went into the Bons Secours hospital to see this respiratory doctor last Thursday, he had me attend the local (Blanchardstown) hospital on Monday morning for pulmonary tests. My lungs were operating at 70% capacity. Not good. “you must have been feeling pretty rough ?” he said. No shit josé.
The treatment is simple and effective. Singulair tablet at night (which has the nice effect of helping me get to sleep), Seretide inhaler in the evening and in the morning. I noticed benefits within 24 hours. My energy levels have gone up and my senses of smell and taste have started to return.
I’m going in for an endoscopy and broncoscopy in a couple of weeks to see just how much damage has been done by the acid reflux I’ve been experiencing.
well well well you’re feeling fine
A nice weekend is approaching. It’ll be a holiday here in Ireland on Monday and, as is traditional, the kids will dress up for Hallow’een. We’ve invited the neighbours over (yay !) and their kids too (yay ! and nay !). I’ve taken Tuesday off and intend to relax doing sweet feck all.
Day or night he’ll be there anytime at all
The other Robert is my brother. He’s now the proud father of baby Daniel. We get to meet Daniel on Saturday.
Sunday ? I’m picking up a new hamster cage. Back to reality with a bump.
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