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Instant Karma’s going to get you

June 22, 2006
So I stay up until 1:00am assembling 500 CDs and getting them ready to send to a school the next day. I wanted to make sure they got them at least a day before they actually needed them. To do this I paid a courier €100 to deliver.
Prior to this I pulled in a favour and got someone to do the printing & duplicating for me because the label design they wanted didn’t look as good as it should have when printed on my inkjet-based CD duplication system.
I had also created 4 different edits of the CD (a live recording of a concert made back in February). I smoothed out a situation with one of the artists who had forgotten to tell his manager and record label that he had allowed someone to record him in performance.
A friend of this school agreed to design the booklet and backliner. Turns out she is a professional graphics person and used to work (at sleeve design) for a major record label. An awesome piece of work – I was very impressed.
I phoned the principal of the school to ask if the CDs had arrived and if everything was ok. Yes he said. “I’m reasonably pleased”.
WHAT THE FUCK ? You’re REASONABLY pleased ? Well you bollox I’m REASONABLY PISSED OFF. You got an amazing live album at a brilliant price and you’re REASONABLY PLEASED ? Go fuck yourself buddy.
Why ‘reasonably’  ? Well it turns out that he wanted some low-quality photos taken on the night of the concert included in the booklet for the CD. Well why didn’t you say so at one of the 4 sets of proofs you were sent ? Oh… and he should have remembered to ask me to edit out some of the MC’s dialog from the recording. Not for any particular reason… he just wished he had asked me.
So “I’ll pop an invoice in the post… I don’t suppose you could get a cheque to me next week could you ? I’ve paid the printer and duplicator and it’s the end of the school year next week”.
Could he fuck. He’d have to look at the invoice. I know this fucker is not going to be happy that even though I’ve given him a 10% discount on the already excellent price that he’s going to drag out paying me.
Instant karma’s gonna get you mate. Gonna knock you right on the head.
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