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Talking about Fixing a hole

June 23, 2006

So. I reworked the booklet (just the page that needed fixing). Sent it to the printer and decided I’d eat the cost of getting the booklet re-printed. It would be easier to do this than to try and fudge the fact that the booklet isn’t perfect. Got to keep the customer satisfied.

That was some time ago.

Printer says “yeah, easy to do , will be ready Wednesday”.

It’s now Friday. Are they ready ? Are they fuck….




Fixing a hole

Ah bollix in anyway.
I took delivery this evening of 1000 booklets and backliners for two of the CDs I’ve just produced. Both look better than I expected (I’m very pleased). But But But. On Page 3 of one of the booklets there’s a blank bit where a word should be. Oh. And it looks shite – the test was just too close to the safe area on top and it looks like a title has been cut off (it hasn’t).
So, Do I just send it on or do I take the hit and pay the printer to run off 500 more ?
I have time… the CDs aren’t due to be delivered until monday-week.
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