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The Luck Of The Irish

September 6, 2006
I came on here mainly to write about progress on the Pugwash single mentioned below.
But first I want to say hello to a good friend HIYA PAUL ! We’re thinking of ya mate.
Today’s blog is brought to you by Maurice Michael Culnane who was a good dad and sounds like he was a top bloke.
On my way home from work yesterday I stopped off at The Bunker studio in Tallaght to see how the boys were getting on with the single. Now how freaky was this – the studio is located behind a house that I passed by every day on the way to school. I don’t think I had walked those pavements for 20 or more years.
The lads had done the drums, bass, guide vocals and were finishing up the guitars when I arrived. While flicking through a recent copy of Viz I listened as Thomas did some mellotron type parts.
Today I stopped off again to see how things had progressed. The vocals were all done and the kids vocals (the ones we recorded on Sunday) were now in the mix. There’s a great middle section that is not a million miles from the wonderful vocals in God Only Knows. I played a little bit of mellotron (that’ll be me in the “I wrote my letter to Santa Claus…. “just before the chorus).
They’re looking to add some Tubular Bells, Sleigh Bells and possibly are going to extend the end section… or maybe put a nice section at the start with the kids singing and loads of Christmassy bells.
Plans for the launch of the single are in full swing and ironically this could be the biggest break for the Pugs in Ireland to date. Watch out though… the album “Jollity” is coming out in the UK on October 30th.
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