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Talking about The downside of being a strong, intelligent woman. . .

September 11, 2006

sometimes I think I know how you feel


… ah sure don’t worry about Peter he’ll be grand … he’s great sure he is

now and again all I need is someone to say “would it help if I did that for you ?”

that would be nice 🙂

though I don’t think I’d be coping so well if I had the manager-from-hell and was trying to sell & buy houses while two wee people ran me ragged.

actually… I KNOW I wouldn’t be coping so well.


Hey. Momma Miss America… would you like a hand with that ?


The downside of being a strong, intelligent woman. . .

. . .is that nobody ever considers the fact that, maybe, just once in a while, you might really need a little bit of help.


Everyone trips all over themselves to come to the aid of the rattle-brained, Helpless Female (you’ve all met her before, yes?), but if you’re the type who has dared to exhibit the characteristic of being–gasp!–capable at any point in the past, they never give you a second thought (“Oh she’s fine; she can handle anything. . .”).
Of course, they’re quick to tell you how “amazing” you are to be such a great juggler, handling everything in your life with such ease, and how they “could never manage it” themselves.
Fuck you, you condescending, insensitive bastards! On the rare occasions when I do ask for help with something, it’s because I need it, and you should get off your fat, self-involved asses and pitch in–just like I do when you need something.
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