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Don’t Stop

December 5, 2006

Just about getting out of the office in time to catch a ride on the shuttle bus (I’m not yet willing to make the walk to the station) I was pleased to make it to the city centre with enough time to get the earlier express bus.

The fly in the ointment was the driver who, for reasons best known to himself, declined to stop at the correct bus stop.

Again. A repeat of yesterday’s performance.

No amount of waving could persuade him to reconsider. In my student days I would have made much use of a mobile phone on such occasions. An assurance from the lady at Dublin Bus that it wouldn’t happen again didn’t make up for the hassle.

Maybe it’s just me but the traffic seems a little better this evening. That’s not stopping the driver from cursing at all offences on the public highway. I hope it helps his blood pressure!

Still though, it takes me two hours to get home. That’s not really much use because it took two hours to get in this morning.

Chatting to someone on the bus it seems that this is the normal travel time for the 37X. In the absence of a better service I really don’t see what I can do. There’s no earlier service in the morning and frankly the journey from the office to the Luas station is dark, wet, cold and not entirely safe – it’s necessary to cross through a major roundabout with no pedestrian crossing.

Looks like it’s back to the car tomorrow…

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