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Merry Pug-mas

December 10, 2006
Last night I hung out with the Pugwash lads and friends out in RTE while they performed “Tinsel and Marzipan” on the show “Tonight with Ryan Tubridy”.
What can I say ? As usual Dave Gregory was great company and despite being so-far-under-the-weather-with-a-cold-it-wasn’t-funny Neil Hannon was (as I expected) a decent bloke.
Due to the hospitality offered by RTE I now have a killer hangover and am about to go out to meet up with Dave & the lads so I’ll keep this short. Video of the show is now uploading to Soapbox on MSN so I’ll share it in a couple of hours. That and some photos.
Right. Off to get some sort of cure.

Here’s a link to the video :

and a few photos !





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