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Rocking Robin

February 6, 2009
Listening to the Phil Wilding & Phill Jupitus podcast today they did a little mention of ‘Twitter’ 

So I decided to create an account to see what would happen.

The only person I had heard of who uses Twitter is of course Stephen Fry ( I couldn’t remember Phil Wilding’s twitter ID).
So I’m “following” Mr Fry.  He Tweets and I follow. (Not that he’s Tweeted yet but I’m hopeful of activity later this evening).

I’m not quite sure what it is I’m going to get from this Twitter service.

I was reminded of a story that Cilla Black told. When she became
successful in ’63-’64 she was put in a nice hotel in London by Brian
Epstein. She had just appeared on TV and was incredibly excited. When
she got back to her hotel room she spotted a telephone by the bed and
decided she had to share her excitement with someone.
She picked up
the receiver and put her finger to the rotary dial. Then the
remembered….. she didn’t know anyone back in Liverpool who had a


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