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White Ladder

February 9, 2009
Enjoyed my gig in Whelans (see below…). AnnMarie O’Grady was very accommodating and it turns out I had met her accompaniest (Garvan Gallagher) at some point in the past. He was very cool and supportive.  I hope to maybe get asked back sometime. A great little venue. 

Whelans has 3 gigs running simultaneously: the ‘main room’ is where Pugwash did their album launch last year and it’s where I saw Thomas Dolby and almost saw Simple Kid. The downstairs bar usually has some free music at the weekends. The room we played is next to the beer garden & smoking area. It’s an L-Shaped room which is usually a pain but it works well here. The bar is at right-angles to the stage and has a sign reminding guests that it is a listening venue (nice one). The fireplace was lit up and the smell of burning logs filled the room.

AnnMarie has a good crowd coming to her gigs. I have a way to go before I can do that (plus I need to work up more songs but that’s another issue…).
They listened and interacted which is the best part of the gig.  I needed to be done by 9:20pm so I set my mobile phone alarm to go off at 9:15pm. With my phone on vibrate I thought the alarm would just vibrate the phone in my pocket. Of course that didn’t happen and I got a nice accompaniment to my song in Aminor.  The audience thought it was funny. They listened to my songs and were very generous in their applause. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Unfortunately nobody I knew was able to go. I’m always at pains to say to folk that I realise they can’t go to every gig and not to worry – I’ll keep spamming.

So it seems that the room is not too expensive to hire. I might use it to launch my CD (which is looking more like an EP now). That would be a good night out. I reckon if I gave a CD to every person paying in then I’d cover most if not all of the cost. I could get a couple of friends to play and maybe even get a video from the night.

Maybe that’ll be the gig where I’ll try to get everyone to turn up. Now *that* would be quite a night alright.

Something nice to look forward to. It’s been a very stressful week and I’m glad to be finally getting on with my life again.


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