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Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day

May 29, 2009

Monday I played an open mic. Played some songs I haven’t always played, including Bed For Sale.
Tuesday I played an open mic.

Go me !

I was chatting with one of the other performers at the gig on tuesday and he convinced me to do a launch gig for my CD. (This is the CD for which I still haven’t received the booklets grrr). So I discussed it with the promoter and next day we agreed a date.

On July 2nd I’ll be doing something I’ve dreamt about for years. Since my teens. I’ll be doing a gig. My gig. With my songs.

Technically I’m unwell with a bad ear but I’ve been energized by this.

Wednesday I started thinking about the set I’d play. I’ve decided that I should use some technology and sounds other than my voice & acoustic guitar. To that end I started building backing tracks from my various recordings. The first track is a piano based song that I’ve been playing on guitar so it’ll be interesting to switch between instruments. Simple drum, percussion & bass with a subtle synth pad for part of the chorus.

Thursday I took the track I’ve been working on for “Interference” and stripped it down. I don’t want it to be too like karaoke so I’m being careful. Friday (tonight) I only had an hour to work on the tracks so I finished off the ‘Interference’ track. I’ll be playing electric guitar for this track. That’ll be another sound on the night.

I have an idea in mind for how to make the show a little bit more entertaining. I’m keeping it under my hat for now but if I can pull it off I’ll be very pleased. I need a projector…

Time is ticking. I need to get these backing tracks done by the end of next week and then need to get a couple weeks of rehearsal in (especially if I want to be sure that the ‘idea’ works). The ‘idea’ needs a few evenings of research and preparation too.

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