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…and I hope we passed the audition…

June 11, 2009

It’s been busy. Busy.

I’m determined to get a crowd to this gig on July 2nd and entertain.

The other artists are lined up.

I’ve setup facebook & myspace events and have mailed people.
Printed flyers and gave them all to people who might go. Some have confirmed (that’s always good eh?). Some family are going to make the effort and I’m even thinking of asking 1 or 2 neighbours.
Nobody owes me an audience so I’ve got to start somewhere.

The set list is ready , though I’ve rejigged it a couple of times, and I’m confident there is enough variation in sounds and songs to keep everyone interested.
Being a solo act there’s nothing really worth looking at. I like what Simple Kid does so I’m going to use similar technology and project some video (but I wont’ completely rip off his ideas… just the use of a projector).

What has been interesting about the process of routining the songs and working out the arrangements is that it has forced me to ‘just do a fucking arrangement’ for some of the songs. As a result I now have something I can record for my next couple of CDs.

I’d love to be able to do this every 3-4 months (a gig that is). Maybe if I persist and keep working hard at marketing myself that will follow. What I realise is that I’ve got to tie it all together : there needs to be a product (a CD) and an angle (‘my first gig’… ‘a known venue’… ‘I’m making a live DVD’…).

Wanna go write some songs now.

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