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Blood and chocolate, I hope you’re satisfied what you have done

June 26, 2009

Thank you Dan for driving all the way from Tipperary to Dublin to sit there and listen to me rehearse on Wednesday night. Your input has really helped.

So , things I’ve learned or re-learned this week:

  • I can get up at a wedding and play a song I’ve written as a gift to the couple.
  • I can’t do three-nights-out in-a-row. Oh man I can’t.
  • There are not enough hours int eh day or days in the week. These days I’m squeezing the toothpaste every which way.
  • Using a rehearsal room when preparing a gig with electronics is a must
  • Edit! Less is more.
  • If the vibe fits wear it

‘Be Alright’ has a folktronica arrangement which was too heavy but after some editing it’s now not over-long and I can remember the arrangement so I don’t lose my place with all the bleeps and pings.
‘Interference’ will work with acoustic but I am seriously thinking about reinstating part of the backing track for the middle 8 where I did an Andy Summers style arpeggio thing in the studio.
‘Dive’ needed a lot of re-editing but it’s there now. This is one of those songs where I think for the recording I’ll have to do something in the chorus because it’s only 1 word repeated and it feels a little repetitive.
‘Break Me’ is now being played on guitar. I’ve decided not to do a keyboard part live because it needed something more. For the gig(s) I’ll play acoustic guitar and will let the laptop play my piano part.

All-in-all I’m getting closer to material for the second CD and have an eye (just one eye mind) on a third CD.

Rehearsal tonight was focused. I didn’t bother with the acoustic songs because I can practice those at home and I pretty much know them. I took time over each track that uses the laptop.
Next Wednesday (night before the gig) I’ll go through the set twice – like a tech rehearsal.

Sitting here watching Glastonbury coverage (Friday night) I wonder ‘will I ever?’.

It’s hard doing this on your own. I like the control and I like only needing to keep ‘me’ happy. But promoting a gig alone is hard work. Bloody hell I hope people turn up for this or it’s going to be a bit of a pisser.

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  1. June 27, 2009 8:55 am

    Peter,No problemo. It was a pleasure!Regards,djp


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