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I was seriously thinking about hiding the receiver When the switch broke ’cause it’s old

June 29, 2009

So this evening I did an interview and live performance on a local radio station (PhoenixFM).
I don’t know if anyone heard it apart from my family and the cat.

It was fun. I’ve been promised a CD of the programme which I’ll use to make a podcast.

The presenters (Deirdre & Louise) had done their homework. They took my biography from MySpace and used it to ask questions. I guess I made it easy for them because the stories were there to be told – they just cue’d them up and let me run. A lot of spoofing on my part of course but sure isn’t that all part of how it works ?

Part of me says ‘it’s only a local radio station, no-one was listening’ while another part of me says ‘screw that, it’s a gig and you start somewhere’.

All these bits add up.

Don’t they ?

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